Face Tracking – OpenCV + Arduino

  A face tracking project based on a face recognition system (based on OpenCV) and a tracking system based on Arduino and servos. OpenCV captures video from a webcam and uses a ready-made OpenCV algorithm for face detection. If a face is detected, the system starts tracking it (the (X, Y) coordinates of its center […]

Equipment for experiments with technical vision – web-camera Logitech HD Webcam C270

Equipment provided by the company Farnellfor which she (and personally Ryan Gibson) many thanks! So I got my hands on a camera Logitech HD Webcam C270 * USB 2.0 interface * built-in microphone * cable length – 1.5 m Picture Options: * Video resolution: 1280×720 * Interpolated photo resolution 3 million pixels. OS *Windows XP […]

Loki – homemade robot

Loki – a homemade robot from Dave Shinsel (team leader of programmers at Intel), made as a hobby. Mechanics The robot has already undergone several transformations and at the moment it looks like this: The Loki on-board computer is an ordinary laptop: – access to laptop keyboard Access to the engine room: Internals: “and inside […]

Connecting the Camera Module to Raspberry Pi

How to connect the camera module to Raspberry Pi can be seen in this video: – a cable from the camera, carefully inserted into the connector located behind the Ethernet connector. For this you need: 0. Turn off your Raspberry Pi. 1. gently lift (by 1-2mm) the plastic latch on the connector. 2. Gently insert […]

Exoskeleton for a cockroach

For some time now, cockroaches have been living in our laboratory. More specifically, cockroaches “Dead Head” (Blaberus craniifer) (see the reference about this type of cockroach at the end of the article). And I decided to make an exoskeleton for them. The idea of ​​the exoskeleton is to use the camera to track the movements […]

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