Microsoft Azure vs. AWS vs. Google Cloud: What does each IoT cloud offer?

Public cloud services for connecting IoT devices – at least financially – do not yet play an important role for the large hyperscalers. The market researchers IoT Analytics however, expect IoT services and associated cloud infrastructure investments to grow faster than overall public cloud spending. The strategic importance will grow accordingly in the coming years, […]

Network operators are missing customers: IoT startup Sigfox is broke

For decades, the media brands of IDG Germany, namely CIO Magazin, COMPUTERWOCHE and ChannelPartner, have acted as partners of IT management with a clear objective: We want to network the IT community, provide credible information and create visibility for exciting projects and their makers . With our 2021 event portfolio, we offer the CIOs or […]

7 Features: IoT platforms must be able to do this

The IoT platform is the heart of the Internet of Things architecture: This is where all data comes together, applications and analyzes are provided and the system is maintained. Due to its fundamental importance, the platform should therefore be selected with particular care. If you consider the following seven points when making your selection, you […]

5 factors: This is why IoT projects fail

[ad_1] IoT projects open up new opportunities for companies to adapt their business models and to develop new solutions or optimize products. However, this is not always possible. Here are the five most common factors that cause IoT projects to fail – and tips on how companies can make their initiatives a success In complex […]

Find PostgreSQL database size?

This article will help you determine the size of a database in PostgreSQL. The database size includes tables, schemas, functions, and triggers. The contents of database tables can grow exponentially, which directly increases the size of the database. Thus, this resizing should be regularly monitored by the administrator so that the memory allocation for the […]

Face Tracking – OpenCV + Arduino

  A face tracking project based on a face recognition system (based on OpenCV) and a tracking system based on Arduino and servos. OpenCV captures video from a webcam and uses a ready-made OpenCV algorithm for face detection. If a face is detected, the system starts tracking it (the (X, Y) coordinates of its center […]

Capturing an object and calculating the distance to it based on a stereo vision system

Found a VERY interesting project on using OpenCV and a stereo vision system (2nd webcams) to recognize and capture objects and calculate the distance to an object based on a depth map. The author of the project used OpenCV + cvBlobsLib + 2 webcams. The result of the work is impressive: a pair of webcams […]

Qbo’s implementation of SLAM

The Qbo social robot project is very interesting. At least what is an example of the use of open source software (OS Linux and the operating system for robots – ROS). And also – a clear example of the use and implementation of various methods of robotics. More recently, we have considered such a thing […]

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