Mini Pupper is an open source robot dog project on ROS

On the Kickstarter fundraising for the project Mini Pupper is an open source robot dog project by the Chinese company MangDang.

The single-board computer Raspberry Pi 4B acts as the brain of the robot, and the project is being developed on open source softwareso the robot can be assembled independently.

Characteristics of the Mini Pupper robot

Dimensions: length – 209 mm, width – 109 mm, height – 165 mm.
Weight: 560 grams.
Number of degrees of freedom: 12.
Onboard computer: Raspberry Pi 4B.

The design of the robot is quite standard for a four-legged robot – the legs are set in motion by servos. In front of the robot there is a small screen that displays the “emotions” of the robot, and on the back of the robot there is a place for attaching the lidar.

The robot software is based on the Ubuntu operating system, the ROS robot operating system, the OpenCV computer vision library, and the motion control package for four-legged robots. CHAMP.
Using the camera and lidar Mini Pupper is able to use SLAM (simultaneous navigation and mapping of the surrounding space) for navigation. And the robot can also detect obstacles, detect and track objects and faces, and supports different walking modes.

The creators of the robot wanted to raise $9,998, but have already raised over $190,000.
The price of the robot depends on the selected configuration. Version with all necessary equipment costs $480.

Mini Pupper: Open-Source,ROS Robot Dog Kit

Mini Pupper is an open source robot dog project on ROS

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