Loki – homemade robot

Loki - homemade robot
Loki – a homemade robot from Dave Shinsel (team leader of programmers at Intel), made as a hobby.


The robot has already undergone several transformations and at the moment it looks like this:
Loki - homemade robot
Loki - homemade robot
Loki - homemade robot

The Loki on-board computer is an ordinary laptop:
Loki - homemade robot

– access to laptop keyboard

Access to the engine room:
Loki - homemade robot

Loki - homemade robot

“and inside he has a neon”

robot head
Loki - homemade robot

– servo, two cameras and two Sharp IR rangefinders.

Wheel assembly

As I understand it, in the first version, the robot rode on two stepper motors:

in the latest version, the standard three-wheel scheme is also used

differential drive (differential drive robot) – two drive wheels and one thruster, each drive wheel is driven by a separate engine.
Example: iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner.

but now two geared motors with encoders act as masters:


The Loki robot is based on a laptop (under the Windows XP operating system), to which are connected via two USB hubs:
*Microsoft Kinect sensor
* two webcams (Loitech QuickCam Pro)
* PIC based controller
* motor controller
* USB2Dynamixel – controller for controlling Dynamixel servos
* laser rangefinder (Hokuyo URG-04LX-UG01)

block diagrams

also available on the author’s website robot circuit diagrams.


The control software is open and laid out in one archive
LokiSource.zip (38MB)
– Visual Studio Solution in C++

block diagram:

Video processing, of course, is carried out using OpenCV


Loki Robot – video 2 (Exploring the house)

Loki – homemade robot

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