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Total Solutions for IoT: Arm launches new IoT processors

Chip designer Arm Holdings has their latest microcontroller design for IoT presented, which enables high-end computing at the edge. Two platforms are also new to the program, with the help of which the development time of IoT devices is to be shortened. Typically, the Cortex-M line of controllers are used in small, low-power devices like […]

IDC study: IIoT adaptation in Germany is stagnating

The adaptation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), once highly hyped in connection with Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, is stagnating at a low level in Germany. Just 29 percent of German industrial companies have the IDC study “IIoT in Germany 2022” According to IIoT projects actively implemented. For this study, IDC surveyed 250 […]

Jaguar Land Rover x Nvidia: Software-defined vehicles from 2025

For decades, the media brands of IDG Germany, namely CIO Magazin, COMPUTERWOCHE and ChannelPartner, have acted as partners of IT management with a clear objective: We want to network the IT community, provide credible information and create visibility for exciting projects and their makers . With our 2021 event portfolio, we offer the CIOs or […]

PostgreSQL create extension

The Postgresql database management system is used to store data in tabular form. The database applies several functions to the data stored in the relationship. To enhance and support these features in a PostgreSQL database, there is an approach to extending database functionality with SQL objects. These extensions are intended to be used as additional […]

Postgresql Named Parameters

The PostgreSQL control system forces functions to have named parameters using either positional notation or named notation. We use named notation mainly when we need to pass a large number of parameters; using this, the relationship between function arguments and parameters becomes more explicit. Although we use functions or procedures in PostgreSQL, this allows us […]

FlexPod XCS for Hybrid Cloud: Cisco and NetApp want to simplify IT operations

Cisco and NetApp are making their FlexPod converged infrastructure platform fit for the increased requirements in hybrid cloud environments. The pre-integrated FlexPod package consists of Cisco’s UCS servers and network equipment as well as storage components from NetApp. According to the manufacturer, around 10,000 customers use the platform launched in 2010. With their help, users […]

High-end server processors: AMD’s new EPYC chips with larger cache

AMD is expanding its High-end chip series EPYC (formerly codenamed Milan-X) with four new processors that add additional L3 cache capabilities to the existing EPYC series. The most important innovation of the new chips 7773X, 7573X, 7473X and 7373X lies in their physical construction – AMD calls the new technology 3D-V-Cache. While most processors are […]

Investment of 17 billion euros: Intel builds chip factories in Magdeburg

The chip manufacturer is thus starting the first phase of a massive investment program in Europe. Plants for a total of 33 billion euros are planned in Germany, Ireland and Italy. New locations are also to be built in Poland and Spain. In total, Intel intends to invest up to 80 billion euros along the […]

Removing a sequence (sequences) in PostgreSQL

The PostgreSQL database offers various features and one of them is PostgreSQL Sequence. A PostgreSQL sequence is a database-related object that is used to create a sequence of values ​​starting from a specific value. It usually takes a starting point, an increment value, the minimum value it can have, and the maximum value it can […]

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